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Paranormal Beginnings

As a child I always loved the "ghost stories" my grandfather told me.  As an adult, the paranormal craze began and I joined a local paranormal group.  I was more involved in photography than recording, but when I captured my first voice, I was hooked. I now have my own paranormal group, Arkansas Ghost Catchers and recording in haunted locations will always be special to me.  I will continue to try and understand why spirits "haunt" or "visit" locations.

The Spiritual Side of Communicating

My spiritual EVP research started with reading Sarah Estep's, Voices of Eternity, which was written over 20 years ago.

Click here to download.  Provided
by Association of TransCommunication.

After reading Voices of Eternity, one of Sarah Estep's experiments was to use a metal oil funnel to help amplify any recordings. I connected an external microphone to my Olympus 4100 Digital Recorder, placed the funnel over the microphone and started recording.  I recorded three, five minute sessions.  I had recorded in haunted locations, but never in normal circumstances, so I had no idea what to say.  This is what I captured on the second session,  "How ya doing?"  This recording started my interest in the spiritual side of communicating.


American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena was formed by Sarah Estep. When she died, Tom & Lisa Butler

became the Director's and renamed the AAEVP to Association of Transcommunication.  I became a member

in 2008 and have learned much from the people that share their experiences and research on soul survival.

To read more about ITC/EVP Research, follow the link above.


Electronic Voice Phenomena, EVP, are intelligible voices found in recording devices that have no known explanation. 

Most recordings are difficult to hear or understand, but in "transform evp," you can recognize the voices as being

male or female, young or old.  These voices can be captured anytime, any place.


  Below are some of my favorite EVP'S captured with various methods, equipment and at different locations.

My editing process is amplifying and removing the background noise only.




Special Christmas EVP

 Location:  Home
Equipment:  Olympus 4100 recorder, fan as background noise.
 Note:  Our Jen.  Was captured the last 5 seconds of  an evp session. 

At the time, I was trying to decide whether to make Jen an Angel or Halo Christmas ornament. 
She let me know which one she wanted!

EVP:  "Mommy, I'm an angel." 


Location:  Arkansas TB Sanatorium
Equipment:  Olympus 4100 Recorder, SB7
Note:  Our Jen with me at the Sanatorium.

EVP:  "Mom"

Location: Home
Equipment:  PC, Samson External Mic, Fan as background noise.
Note:  Recorded at the end of the Big Circle session.

EVP:  She loves me

Location:  Home
Equipment:  Olympus DS30 Recorder, Fan
Note:   Our Jen.

EVP:  "Mom."
Location:  Quapaw Quarter Private Residence
Equipment:  Olympus 4100 & SB7
Note:  Several tragic deaths has occurred in the home and the spirits communicate often.  They have said my name several times in different rooms of the home.

EVP:  "Rhonda"         EVP:

Location:  Quapaw Quarter Private  Residence
Equipment:  Olympus 4100 & SB7

EVP:  "Who's here?"

Location:  Home
Equipment:  Olympus 4100 & SB7
Note:  Recorded during a Big Circle session.
Braden is the deceased son of a EVP Practitioner.

EVP:  "Rhonda,  it's Braden"


Location: Arkansas TB Sanatorium
Equipment: Dell Laptop & SB7
Note:  I heard this male spirit real time, a little gruff sounding, but polite.

EVP:  "I'll try"

Location: Home
Equipment:  Olympus 4100 & SB7
Note:  Recorded during a Big Circle Session.

EVP:  "The Big Circle"
Location:  Home
Equipment:  SB7,
Olympus DS30 Recorder
Note:  This was captured during a
Big Circle recording.

EVP: Male & female voices, "It records good."

Location:  Historic Curran Hall

Equipment: Olympus 4100 Digital Recorder, Funnel, External Mic.
Note:  First evp captured at Curran Hall.
The spirit of Mary, past owner.

"Mary, that's who I am."

Location: Arkansas TB Sanatorium
Equipment:  Dell Laptop, Audacity Software
Note: I was trying to take a picture of myself and my sister. We were laughing
and having a great time. I say perfect, then a female says:

EVP: "This is silly, stop!"
Location:  Shinall Mountain
Equipment:  Olympus DS30 Recorder, 
Note:  Debbie Caruso was an EVP Practitioner that
passed away last year. I always ask for her when I record,  because I know Debbie will try to make contact.

EVP:  "Yes, we can."
Location:  Dreamland Ballroom
Equipment:  Olympus 4100 recorder & SB7
Note:  Famous musicians performed in  Dreamland Ballroom in the 30's.

EVP:  "I did"
Location:  Home
Equipment:  Olympus DS30 Recorder
Note:  Debbie Caruso EVP

EVP:  "Hi"
Location: Home
Equipment:  Olympus DS30, Grundig Mini FM/AM
World Band Receiver

Location:  Home
Equipment: SB7, Olympus
DS30 Recorder

EVP: "It's Robert, what's up?"

Location:  Shinall Mountain
Equipment:  Olympus DS30
Note:  Captured this evp on one of my more adventurous sessions!

EVP:  "Yes"
Location:  Arkansas TB Sanatorium
Equipment:  Olympus DS30 Recorder
Note:  Heard noises directly in front of my sister and myself, which turned out to be male and female voices.

EVP:  "Hello, Stop!"
Location:  Home
Equipment: Dell Laptop, Audacity & EVPmaker Software

"I do definitely hear you."

Location:  Home

Equipment: SB7, Olympus DS30 Recorder
I say, "I can hear you", then a male's voice says:

EVP:  "Robbie

Location:  Home
Equipment:  Olympus DS30 Recorder,


"Hi Rhonda." I say hello at the end.

A very special woman, Margaret Downey,  captured these great recordings for me during one of her EVP sessions.

Her method of recording is turning the AM dial of a radio, back and forth.

The spirits utilize the background sound to produce transform evp.

EVP:  "Rhonda, Be Happy." EVP:  "Hey Rhonda, I'm Talking."

EVP:  "Tell Rhonda, We Love Her."

 EVP: "Hey Rhonda, hi."


There are several Audio Editing Software Programs that you can purchase.

Adobe Audition, ClearVoice, SoundSoap are a few.

 The links below are free software I use for recording and editing. 

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