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"We are a soulful being, having a human experience." 

My journey began 13 years ago when I started investigating "haunted" locations. I captured my first EVP, which was a child saying "hi" and my life changed.  I started researching on why these voices were being captured on recorders and it opened a fascinating world for me.   Are these voices our loved ones or friends who have passed on?  Or are they connected to us in other ways? Who are the "ghosts" that haunt locations around the world?  Endless questions with answers that make you ask more questions.  The only true answers are known on the other side,
a journey we will all make some day.

This site is my personal journey into exploring and learning the many ways of trying to communicate with the spirit world.  I hope it will be enlightening for you as it has been for me.

Rhonda Burton

In loving memory
of our sweet daughter, Jen.



The essence of our being is love and forgiveness is the key
to our happiness.


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